All of my work relates to and is contingent upon drawing. From studies on paper for large-scale installations, to totems made of graphite, to corner-moldings brushed with ink, each contain aspects of drawing as a tool and catalyst. Fundamentally for me, drawing instigates, reflects and articulates thought formation. I believe it is similar to and perhaps more immediate then word usage. Materials contain their own codes of meaning and with the placement of particular materials a message is transferred on a level that precedes word  construct.  Our brains intuit a vocabulary in relation to materials that allow a certain expansion of the mind  outward towards other meanings,relationships, perceptions and object associations. As word formation begins within the act of cognition, there is a slowing down for decipherment and a different language is applied by the brain, manifesting an altered relation to what we initially, albeit intuitively, beheld.    WM

This page is in a collage layout to emphasize the ubiquitous place that "drawing" holds within my entire body of work. Specific pieces can been seen by clicking images or the links above.